Sarah Cawkwell – Millinary Works gallery October 2013

Sarah Cawkwell - Millinary Works gallery October 2013

Seen last week – Sarah Cawkwell at the Millinary Works gallery, sculpture, drawings. Sarah explains her art practice with more images and conversations – visit

I believe Sarah sees the drawings of textiles as sculptural artworks, meditative in process. There are physical interventions in the drawings – buttons, hooks, thread, and I feel there is tension in the drawn edges. My favourite artworks in this exhibition – “Shrinkage” and “Hooked”.
The Millinary Works gallery has a discreet front, easy to walk past, and I imagine little more developed than when it was a large millinary workshop. The main part of the workshop is used for the antique furniture business but the gallery space is the updated section of this building. Definitely worth a visit.

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