Rose Hip Ripening no.1 – RHS Garden Hyde Hall

Rose Hip Ripening no.1 -  RHS Garden Hyde Hall

A painting using acrylic ink and indian ink, developed from a sketch made on a hot, late summers day visit to RHS Garden Hyde Hall, Essex, UK. At this time some rose hips had turned scarlet red, (see earlier blog post), but this was still in the process of ripening. The smaller size of the paper directs me to paint and draw in a tighter style instead of the looser line I use on larger art works. It’s all in the arm movement. I believe you can identify, without me telling you, which paintings are small and which are large.

Sarah Cawkwell – Millinary Works gallery October 2013

Sarah Cawkwell - Millinary Works gallery October 2013

Seen last week – Sarah Cawkwell at the Millinary Works gallery, sculpture, drawings. Sarah explains her art practice with more images and conversations – visit

I believe Sarah sees the drawings of textiles as sculptural artworks, meditative in process. There are physical interventions in the drawings – buttons, hooks, thread, and I feel there is tension in the drawn edges. My favourite artworks in this exhibition – “Shrinkage” and “Hooked”.
The Millinary Works gallery has a discreet front, easy to walk past, and I imagine little more developed than when it was a large millinary workshop. The main part of the workshop is used for the antique furniture business but the gallery space is the updated section of this building. Definitely worth a visit.