art supplies, Kyoto – Jenny Hill

art supplies, Kyoto - Jenny Hill

A traditional art supplies shop in Kyoto for Japanese painting. Look at the size of those brushes – they would take a lot of ink or paint.
A couple of days earlier I bought a brush from a temple market in Kyoto, which was just as well as it curbed the urge to buy at this shop without really knowing what I wanted.
I enjoy using this type of brush for my ink paintings as it can be loaded with ink, hold the colour without dripping but still flow smoothly when less saturated. And it makes a nice dry brush mark.

Sketch books – Ian Hay – Digby Gallery, Mercury Theatre, Colchester, Essex

Sketch books - Ian Hay - Digby Gallery, Mercury Theatre, Colchester, Essex

Seen last week an exhibition of new artwork, small oil paintings and large charcoal drawings by Ian Hay. “A mile from the Mercury” continues until 9th November at the Digby Gallery, Mercury Theatre, Colchester.
I chose to post a photograph of two sketch books accompanying the exhibition as it can offer an insight to an artists creative process. Ian Hay was tutor for drawing at Colchester Institute when I was a student of visual studies for two years and our small student group had a lot of fun, regular life drawing and drawing outings. Useful preparation for when I went on for further studies at Ipswich Art School.
Artwork can be see at
A biography

Detail “Yemanya’ African & Brazilian Goddess, mixed media mosaic – Anne Schwegmann-Fielding

Seen this week in Hayletts Gallery art shop, a striking sculpture, “Yemanya” – African & Brazilian Goddess, mixed media mosaic by Anne Schwegmann-Fielding.
The main gallery exhibition has paintings by Anthony Atkinson ARCA and Pam Dan ARCA and runs until 13th November. The two artists present distinct individual approaches to their subject matter but are unified in this show by the colour they use – subtle ranges of blues and greens lifted by the light seen in the yellow and ochre.
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Art trails – through a window

Art trails - through a window

This image follows on from my previous blog post and shows the front window of my venue in the Maldon Art Trail 2013. Community organised art trails in geographically recognisable defined areas, work to get art and crafts shown in public space outside the traditional commercial art gallery. These events can be very beneficial as an opportunity to share creativity and skills in public workshops, for artists to meet other artists, who often work in isolation, to develop partnerships with business, and to present another view or perspective of a town or place. As art trails have blossomed across Essex, the County Council promotes these independent initiatives under the umbrella of the Summer of Art.
If you collaborate with other artists where you live, what initiatives do you have to take to get your artwork exhibited or is it all online?

Saltmarsh sketch

Saltmarsh sketch

I have been trying out some materials, Caran D’Ache Technalo water soluble graphite pencils and SAA soft pastels), for use in a 30 minute demonstration at the SAA ‘It’s all about Art’ event at The Business Design Centre, Islington, London .
When I was at Cocklespit beach last week I used these materials for sketching research that I will take for my demonstration. Hopefully it may encourage art show visitors to enjoy the freedom of working outdoors, directly from nature.
As an estimate this sketch took about 20-25 minutes.