Exhibition poster – Anticipation & Recognition – Jenny Hill

Exhibition poster - Anticipation & Recognition - Jenny Hill

Almost there with preparations for my solo exhibition at Colchester Library’s Les Livres Gallery. So far press release has been sent, paintings packed and information to email contacts.
To do – What to put in the cabinet. I thought it would be a good idea to use a glass top table cabinet to put in a couple of sketch books, information on sales. But know now that would leave a gap of communication as my press release stated this exhibition was part of a seven year project following the seasons. I realise there has to be some back story, using a few images of previously exhibited artwork with minimal text, to help make some connection with what has gone before and the current artwork. But how to make it look good and interesting is something I will be working on over the next couple of days.
A catalogue for Anticipation & Recognition can be seen at

framing, art marketing, exhibition, Jenny Hill

framing, art marketing, exhibition,  Jenny Hill

My solo exhibition plans allocated February as time to select and frame artwork for Colchester Library’s Les Livres Gallery. When you have a solo exhibition, everything is down to you to organise, put in place and communicate. Help and advice from other people is invaluable, whether they agree to place posters, put information on web space they manage or as a good friend did, look over my press release and suggest improvements. The revised press release reminded me how you cannot only promote the artwork but must also give something about the person that made it or a least a bit more of the back story relevant to the exhibition. In marketing terms is this where you sell the sizzle not only the bacon?
I now also seriously believe the importance of getting an exhibition reviewed. Whether this is a critical review or a question and answer session the result can be part of the documentation about something that happened in a public event and not only recorded in someone’s curriculum vitae.
I intend to encourage other artists I meet with in Essex, to engage in the practice of reviewing and publishing as I think this will be mutually beneficial, raising the profile of the visual arts in Essex.
The image shows some of my low tech framing equipment, hand under pinner and clamp.
The frames are hardwood ash – more durable and resistant to dents and knocks which can happen when handled by other people.
What is your experience of art marketing?

Sketch books – Ian Hay – Digby Gallery, Mercury Theatre, Colchester, Essex

Sketch books - Ian Hay - Digby Gallery, Mercury Theatre, Colchester, Essex

Seen last week an exhibition of new artwork, small oil paintings and large charcoal drawings by Ian Hay. “A mile from the Mercury” continues until 9th November at the Digby Gallery, Mercury Theatre, Colchester.
I chose to post a photograph of two sketch books accompanying the exhibition as it can offer an insight to an artists creative process. Ian Hay was tutor for drawing at Colchester Institute when I was a student of visual studies for two years and our small student group had a lot of fun, regular life drawing and drawing outings. Useful preparation for when I went on for further studies at Ipswich Art School.
Artwork can be see at
A biography

Detail “Yemanya’ African & Brazilian Goddess, mixed media mosaic – Anne Schwegmann-Fielding

Seen this week in Hayletts Gallery art shop, a striking sculpture, “Yemanya” – African & Brazilian Goddess, mixed media mosaic by Anne Schwegmann-Fielding.
The main gallery exhibition has paintings by Anthony Atkinson ARCA and Pam Dan ARCA and runs until 13th November. The two artists present distinct individual approaches to their subject matter but are unified in this show by the colour they use – subtle ranges of blues and greens lifted by the light seen in the yellow and ochre.
For more information and images visit

Sarah Cawkwell – Millinary Works gallery October 2013

Sarah Cawkwell - Millinary Works gallery October 2013

Seen last week – Sarah Cawkwell at the Millinary Works gallery, sculpture, drawings. Sarah explains her art practice with more images and conversations – visit

I believe Sarah sees the drawings of textiles as sculptural artworks, meditative in process. There are physical interventions in the drawings – buttons, hooks, thread, and I feel there is tension in the drawn edges. My favourite artworks in this exhibition – “Shrinkage” and “Hooked”.
The Millinary Works gallery has a discreet front, easy to walk past, and I imagine little more developed than when it was a large millinary workshop. The main part of the workshop is used for the antique furniture business but the gallery space is the updated section of this building. Definitely worth a visit.