Art trails – through a window

Art trails - through a window

This image follows on from my previous blog post and shows the front window of my venue in the Maldon Art Trail 2013. Community organised art trails in geographically recognisable defined areas, work to get art and crafts shown in public space outside the traditional commercial art gallery. These events can be very beneficial as an opportunity to share creativity and skills in public workshops, for artists to meet other artists, who often work in isolation, to develop partnerships with business, and to present another view or perspective of a town or place. As art trails have blossomed across Essex, the County Council promotes these independent initiatives under the umbrella of the Summer of Art.
If you collaborate with other artists where you live, what initiatives do you have to take to get your artwork exhibited or is it all online?

2 thoughts on “Art trails – through a window

  1. Just been ’round t’ ‘trail and we think your work is amongst the best on display. I particularly liked the orangey, purpley, wiggiley one (see above), I enjoyed its sense of freedom.

  2. Dear nobody, I have not done the art trail yet but I did stop at the top of Market Hill on the way home from the opening event to take a brief look at your venue. The installation and photographs you chose for the Bed Shop were inspired.
    It was easy for me this year which helped setting up. The orangey, purpley, wiggiley one, is the flower head of Stipa Gigantea.

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