Ink art work – Seed head – endings and beginnings

Endings and beginnings 

This year I have discovered fluidity and permanence of colour with acrylic ink. This is a joy to use enabling me to create in a fairly short time scale, a further range of artworks on the theme of Seedhead – endings and beginnings.An exhibition space in a very sunny library window during the Burnham Art Trail 2012 required lightfast colour and light weight artworks. More work was developed and exhibited in the Summer of Art marquee at the Sparks Will Fly festival in Hylands Park and later in the Maldon Art Trail.

The black drawn element of the artwork is Indian ink, again very lightfast and permanent. Due to the application of medium this may appear to be a print but it is a painting using watercolour techniques and masking out with poster paint to place the indian ink.

I have found this is a good route for freeing up my output, making some of the backlog of ideas out and visible.



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