Independent and teaching

Independent art teaching? This for me refers to self employed management and development of art workshops and courses instead of working for the county council. But I am always aware that the skills I think would be useful for other people to do their own art are mediated by my art education, continuing practice, reference to the outside world plus what people want.

How to pull it together? Personally the slog (part time 2 years) of studies for a post graduate teaching certificate helped me to understand (amongst many things) how to create a structure and environment for learning that I can use. Not only a relaying of information on how to do and think about things in different ways but the opportunity to learn as a group for creativity and fun. It is really good to see people taking hold of art skills and using them for their individual creative ideas.

Additional to my art practice this has been and will continue to be a part of my activities, building up over venues, updating advertising for a recognition of available local art workshops. Now to give renewed thought to getting my artwork out and visible in new venues and with new opportunities.

Next update – Where and what – artwork. Future subjects – formal art education and art schools.


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