Sketch Zakynthos Town

Sketch Zakynthos Town

Holiday sketch from hotel room balcony while adjusting to the heat of Zakynthos (Zante), an Ionian island off mainland Greece.
This year I took a different sketchbook – Moleskine, a present waiting to be used. I found this a very useful size and format to carry around and my Faber-Castell ink brush pens pulled nicely over the paper surface without bleeding through to the other side. As I am left handed I use sketchbooks by working my way through the back pages to the front (or sometimes upside down), but this sketchbook opens up quite flat if you are drawing across both pages. Initially I was not sure about the yellow tinted paper but now find it a friendly tone to work with especially if you have time to develop drawings tonally.
The little human figures are residents inspecting their water tanks and t.v. aerials plus having a chat and catching the breeze.

One thought on “Sketch Zakynthos Town

  1. Forgot to say that is an elastic black band down the right side of the sketchbook that I used for keeping the pages still and in place while drawing. It is part of the Moleskine sketchbook.

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