Burnham Art Trail 2014

Burnham Art Trail 2014

Burnham Art Trail 2014 Venue no.32. The trail map can be seen at http://www.burnhamarttrail.co.uk
Jacaranda in Station Road, is my allocated venue for this years art trail. It is a beautiful florist shop created and run by Sam Adams who generously gave up window space for the art trail week 21st June – 29th June.
If you would like to see what has been happening and upcoming events please visit

Anticipation & Recognition exhibition 2/3/14-31/3/14 – Jenny Hill

Anticipation & Recognition exhibition 2/3/14-31/3/14 - Jenny Hill

My exhibition ‘Anticipation and Recognition’ was hung last weekend in Colchester Library’s gallery space Les Livres, and continues until 31st March. The paintings selected for display are part of a seven year focus of work recording seasonal changes. Most library visitors would probably not know my earlier work but as you would expect there are connections – clearly the subject matter as a narrative, use of colour, but also of equal importance, line, painted, drawn or printed.
A cabinet at the top of the library stairs gave me an opportunity to communicate a back story with a few words allocated to each postcard size image. Alongside these I included one sketchbook and an oil pastel sketch to demonstrate my visual research and potential for development.
Visit http://jennyhillartwork.tumblr.com for the exhibition catalogue.
PS Behind the railing on the stairway wall is a relief sculpture, Connor Barrett’s Crucifixion of Mankind. I will post a full image in another blog post.

Exhibition poster – Anticipation & Recognition – Jenny Hill

Exhibition poster - Anticipation & Recognition - Jenny Hill

Almost there with preparations for my solo exhibition at Colchester Library’s Les Livres Gallery. So far press release has been sent, paintings packed and information to email contacts.
To do – What to put in the cabinet. I thought it would be a good idea to use a glass top table cabinet to put in a couple of sketch books, information on sales. But know now that would leave a gap of communication as my press release stated this exhibition was part of a seven year project following the seasons. I realise there has to be some back story, using a few images of previously exhibited artwork with minimal text, to help make some connection with what has gone before and the current artwork. But how to make it look good and interesting is something I will be working on over the next couple of days.
A catalogue for Anticipation & Recognition can be seen at

Detail “Yemanya’ African & Brazilian Goddess, mixed media mosaic – Anne Schwegmann-Fielding

Seen this week in Hayletts Gallery art shop, a striking sculpture, “Yemanya” – African & Brazilian Goddess, mixed media mosaic by Anne Schwegmann-Fielding.
The main gallery exhibition has paintings by Anthony Atkinson ARCA and Pam Dan ARCA and runs until 13th November. The two artists present distinct individual approaches to their subject matter but are unified in this show by the colour they use – subtle ranges of blues and greens lifted by the light seen in the yellow and ochre.
For more information and images visit

Maldon Art Trail Venue 2013

Maldon Art Trail Venue 2013

I installed my paintings last week in the Maldon Cookshop, for the Maldon Art Trail 2013. This photograph has been cropped but I wanted to give you an idea of the venue, (this image taken in the doorway), and of this Essex riverside town. There is a lot of information you can pick out, first my artwork, some you will recognise from previous blog posts, shop products, then posters of local activities, carnival, shop local campaign and art trail plus there are the reflections in the windows. It is a good venue with excellent window space, helpful staff, in a busy High Street location.
Maldon Art Trail is advertised from 28th September – 5th October but most artists work can be seen until Sunday 6th.
More information http://www.maldonarttrail.co.uk